Class it Up: Jumpsuit Edition


It was a bust. I wanted good photos, it rained, it was wet and gloomy everywhere, so I took photos with my university in the background. That’s how life is, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

SO, as you can guess, it was another university event! Dress code: all black (my favourite). And of course, when one wears all black, one must seize the opportunity to accessorize (or else, what’s the point, really?)! So this is the look I put together:


Aaand here’s a couple of amateur closeups of my jewelry:


Here’s (almost) everything I had on:

Jumpsuit: Cotton On

Block heels: H&M (SO goddamn comfortable!)

Earrings and wrist cuff: Lovisa Jewellery. I know this brand makes bomb designs, but what I majorly dislike about their products is how the color just starts to fade so quickly. Highly susceptible to moisture. Even the back of my earrings started to fade that night, simply from rubbing against the sides of my face!

Watch: Vincci Accessories, same as the last post. Click here for the post, and a closeup.

Aaaand that’s all for today. Here’s hoping I make efforts to dress up more often so I can start putting out (not literally) more posts for y’all. Stay tuned, and follow my IG to keep up!


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