Make a Statement: Silver & Black


We all know black and gold is the ideal, go-to color combo, not just for formal occasions but otherwise too. I decided to switch it up on the day of my final presentation because of these new heels and earrings I got! Silver contrasts just as beautifully against black as gold does, and this was no exception. The all-black outfit made the accessories stand out. And in the sun – whooooo boyyy

I’ve also really been loving block heels recently. Not only are they trendy, they’re also reaaally comfortable to walk in. I was wearing these all day and no sores!


What I wore:

Blouse: H&M

Pants: Filanto @ Brands Outlet. Also available at H&M.

Shoes: Forever 21

Earrings: Lovisa Jewellery

Watch: Vincci Accessories

Bracelets: Panda Eyes

I hope you all enjoyed this post and got inspired! Remember, black suits everyone and is always figure-flattering! See you all soon!



Make a Statement: Tickle me Pink

Hellooo everyone and welcome back! I know it’s been a while, but I am on hiatus from my hiatus. Some of my most recent Instagram posts explain why I’ve been away!

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-09 at 11.42.40 AM (1)

So on this particular day (way back in February), I woke up, didn’t bother to brush my hair, put on some clothes and a pair of heels I’d just bought, and went to uni.

It’s a denim-on-denim look. Most people (including myself) don’t find this look very flattering, but I also think that it all depends on what shades of blue you have on. Additionally, instead of making this look duo-chromatic with black and blue, you can always throw in a splash of color, like I did with these hot pink heels!

The beauty of wearing brightly-colored footwear and accessories with dark-colored clothing is they’ll stand out so much more! I got so many compliments and questions this day because everyone’s gaze just kept going down to my feet.

Here’s what I’m wearing in the pictures:

  • HEELS: Rubi @ Cotton On
  • Jeans: PDI Jeans at Padini Concept Store
  • Jacket: Max
  • Headband: Claire’s Accessories
  • Sunglasses: Something I picked up at a small store in Bangalore. Hey, there’s always Forever 21 and Topshop!

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Make a Statement: KLFW 2017

So my friends and I were lucky enough to attend a couple of shows during KL Fashion Week last weekend. Of course, we had to look our best (to take photos), but nothing says formal more than a lace LBD 😉

The stuff I’ve got on:

Dress: Van Heusen x Deepika Padukone (old, I know. But there’s always H&M for a number like this.. at a better price :3)

Heels: H&M (you saw that coming)

Necklace: I got this one from Westside I think. You can get something just as pretty at Lovisa

Clutch: Errm, I got it free with a bottle of BVLGARI perfume 😂

That’s all I have today! Come back in a few days to see me do more weird poses and make an ass of myself in public! Cheers! 🖤


Make a Statement: Redition

I love adding a pop of something bright to an otherwise dull ensemble, just like I did in my first post under Make a Statement.

So I decided to make this look a little more fun with some red flats, red lipstick, and my favorite bag!


The stuff you need to know:

Tee: Name one place that doesn’t sell plain t-shirts. Go on, I’ll wait. Mine is from R&B Arabia tho

High-waist jeans: ONLY

Flats: Forever 21

Bag: Desigual

My parting advice to you today is this: Go ahead and wear a red hair accessory, and OWN it

See y’all in my next post. Follow me if you don’t wanna miss out on anything since I have some major cool stuff in store for y’all. ‘Til next time, guys ❤

Make a Statement: Turquoise Edition

Glam up any plain, monochromatic look with something bright and bold! That could be anything from a statement necklace or a pair of earrings, to brightly colored shoes or bags (or all of these! The more, the merrier). I vamped up this dull all-black look with some statement pieces the same color as my birthstone – turquoise.

Blouse: H&M

Sandals: Rubi @ Cotton On

Bag: (a present from my dear aunt and great-aunt) Caprese

Watch: R&B Arabia [also available at Aldo Accessories]

Earrings: [I don’t quite remember. I think it was Shopper’s Stop in India, but who’s to say you won’t get something just as beautiful at Aldo Accessories, again?]

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