Prints, Prints, and more Prints: Top or Bandanna?

Hellooo everyone and welcome back to another post! Today we have me in this adorable top I got a few weeks ago. It’s so summery and girly and comfortable, I love it!


Also, yes, I got a tattoo. Second one coming soon!

Walking around in this made me realize I could take a scarf and tie it around my body and it would look pretty much the same. Oooh, I could DIY it if I want the straps too! Time to get my hands busy.

Outfit deets~~

Top: Cotton On

Mom jeans: Terranova, also available at Forever 21

Sandals: Rubi at Cotton On

Earrings: New Look. Similar ones can be found at Lovisa Jewellery

That’s all I have for you guys today. Do come back over the weekend for more!


Prints, Prints, and more Prints: The Bare [Shoulders]

My love for off-shouldered clothes shall never, ever die, no matter what life throws at me.

The stuff I’m wearing:

  • Top: Cotton On
  • Jeans: PDI Jeans
  • Shoes: Vincci
  • Sunglasses: Claire’s Accessories

In my haste to put it on, my dumb ass broke the necklace I was gonna wear. I would definitely suggest a cute dainty short necklace with a look like this.

ALSO, it’s not an actual blog post without a goofy picture, is it? So here’s one for you:


That’s about it. Follow me for more posts, I could really use your loyalty ;-;

Keep your eyes open for more posts in the future!

Prints, Prints, and more Prints: Cute Florals

My very nice boyfriend took these pictures of me almost a month ago. But I’m a dumbass so here I am uploading late.

I really like this look. It’s cute and girly and THE TOP IS SUPPOSED TO BE OFF-THE-SHOULDER BUT IT’S GOT AN ELASTIC BAND so naturally, it doesn’t stay off your shoulders. :)))

What you need to know~~~

Top: Cotton On

Jeans: ONLY

Sandals: Rubi @ Cotton On

Bag: I picked it up from some random store in Madrid in 2012. You can definitely get lookalikes at New Look or Marks & Spencer

Remember that no off-shouldered look is complete without a piece of jewelry choking you 😉 I went with a tattoo choker!

That’s all for today. I solemnly swear I will stop going on hiatus so often. See you guys soon! Ciao :3

Prints, Prints and more Prints: Afraha Day

We had this event at university over the weekend – an African one! It was called Afraha Day. I love dressing up for themed parties and events but to my dismay, I couldn’t find anything for this one. So I’m gonna show you what I came up with at the last moment 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Maxi dress: Cotton On
  • Sandals: Forever 21
  • Neck piece: New Look
  • Bangles: Claire’s Accessories

Okay, that dress really was comfy, and I love how it’s slit a quarter way up. And that print??? Man, I am so glad I bought this dress, hahaha

Thanks so much for reading. Hope to see you again, soon!

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